Geonet Technologies : The Frontier Fiber Laying Company in Kenya

Geonet Technologies is the frontier fiber laying company in Kenya .The Company has rich experience in laying Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) and Optical Power Ground Wire (OPGW) cables on turnkey basis. A few of the Geonet Installation expertise and methods adopted for successful fool proof installations. Direct burial installation: Direct burial installations are most common for long cross-country installations. The cables are plowed in or […]


The Top 5 Highlights of Using Geonet Fiber Internet for Business by Safaricom

With Geonet technologies the price tag associated with upgrading your office to a fiber-optic Internet connectivity infrastructure might be significantly lower than you expect, and the service contracts involve lighter commitments than ever before, making it easier to take the plunge. Advantages of Switching to Fiber Connectivity. The more office buildings that are connected to fiber, the more the fiber network spreads, making it simpler […]

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